Symposium A: High power microwave applications (including accelerators, radars, gas discharges, materials processing, biomedical applications etc.)

Program Committee

A. Vikharev, Russia – Chairman
S. Golubev, Russia – Co-Chairman
J. Butler, USA
J. Hirshfield, USA
G. Nusinovich, USA
M. Petelin, Russia

At the Symposium, we plan to hear and discuss the presentations dealing with applications of high-power microwaves in scientific and technological research. The following tentative topics of the Symposium sections are expected: physics of microwave discharges, application of microwaves for acceleration of charged particles, microwave modification of materials, and chemical vapor deposition of diamond films in the plasma of a microwave discharge. Preference in selection of the presentations will be given to the works connected with the technologies of the material industry and nanotechnologies, where the application of microwaves is critical for achievement of new results.