Symposium H: Current drive and plasma heating by microwaves in nuclear fusion devices

Program Committee

A. Shalashov, Russia – Chairman
A. Litvak, Russia
E. Gusakov, Russia
S. Kubo, Japan
H. Laqua, Germany
J. Lohr, USA
E. Suvorov, Russia

The symposium covers the wide range of actual topics related to the use of high-power microwaves in magnetic fusion experiment. These topics include physics of the electron cyclotron heating and current drive, microwave diagnostics, suppression of MHD instabilities and optimization of a plasma profiles, kinetic effects under strong plasma heating as well as technological aspects related to microwave sources (gyrotrons), transmission lines, plasma facing microwave elements an many others. Traditionally, a significant number of reports of the symposium is devoted to a discussion of theoretical aspects and modeling the resonant wave-plasma interaction in magnetic fusion experiment. Specific feature of this meeting is possibility to establish a sufficiently close link between developers of high-power radiation sources and consumer that use these sources in fusion plasma research. Invited talks will cover essential achievements in ECRH/ECCD and related plasma diagnostics from a number of leading fusion experiments (ASDEX-U, D-III D, LHD, TEXTOR, TCV, L2M, WEGA etc.), as well as physical aspects and design of future devices that are under construction now or just proposed (ITER, W7X, DEMO). It is planned to combine ITER related issues in a separate technical meeting.