Symposium S: High power microwave sources

Program Committee

V. Zapevalov, Russia – Chairman
G. Denisov, Russia – Co-Chairman
M. Blank, USA
T. Idehara, Japan
J. Jelonnek, Germany
A. Phelps, UK
K. Sakamoto, Japan
L. Shenggang, China
M. Thumm, Germany

This symposium will continue the traditional, highly popular “Strong Microwaves in Plasmas” Conference. The main research fields that will be discussed include such fundamental problems of high-power RF electronics as ways to ensure high efficiency and coherence of radiation in oversized gyrotron systems, free-electron masers, and the devices based on transient and Cherenkov radiation of relativistic and non-relativistic electron beams. The range of relatively new concepts include the devices based on the effects of the so-called supperadiance of extended electron bunches and new highly efficient ways of converting the energy of pulsed electron beams to electromagnetic radiation in the non-stationary generation regimes. A significant share of the presentations will deal with the methods of conversion and transportation of strong microwaves. The symposium will also cover the issues connected with the development of electron-optical and electrodynamical systems of high-power microwave sources, as well as up-to-date methods of numerical modeling of high-power devices.