Symposium T: Terahertz sources, diagnostics and nonlinear interactions

Program Committee

V. Bratman, Russia – Chairman
M. Glyavin, Russia – Co-Chairman
G. Gallerano, Italy
G. Kulipanov, Russia
M. von Ortenberg, Germany
G.-S. Park, Korea
A. Shkurinov, Russia
X.-C. Zhang, USA

This symposium will continue the traditional, highly popular “Strong Microwaves in Plasmas” Conference”. The main research fields that will be discussed include such fundamental problems as generation, detection, and advanced applications of terahertz waves. The development of high-power source of coherent radiation in the terahertz and subterahertz frequency ranges is one of the crucial tasks in modern high-power electronics. On the one hand, it is due to the unavailability of sources operating in this range. On the other hand, the need in such sources is caused by a great number of the fundamental tasks and actual applications where they can be used, including electron-cyclotron plasma heating, spectroscopy and diagnostics of various media and objects, photochemistry, biophysics, novel target location systems, visualization of hidden objects, and acceleration of charges particles. These tasks require pursuing a wide range of fundamental and applied studies in the field of magnetic systems with superstrong fields, electron optics, theory of interaction of high-power electron beams with the fields of waveguides and resonator cavities, dynamics of nonlinear multimode electrodynamic systems, electrodynamics of quasioptical waveguide systems and wave beam control elements, physics of terahertz discharges, and interaction of terahertz waves with matter.