All foreign participants and accompanying persons will require a visa.
Please be advised to apply for a humanitarian visa. To issue the official letters of invitation needed to obtain Russian visas the following information is required:

Personal information  
Last name (Surname)
First name (Given names)
Date of birth (
Place of birth (city, country)
Permanent residence
(city, country)
Complete mailing address (including postal code)
Phone number
Place of employment
Tel., Fax
Passport information
Passport number
Date of issue (
Expiry date (
Travel information: dates of stay in Russia
Arrival (
Departure (
Place of getting visa (the city where the Russian consulate is situated)
Please attach here the scan copy of the first pages of your passport(s) (with the passport number, photo and the date of expiry).


All the fields of the form are mandatory

Note that your passport must be valid for at least six months after the date of your departure from Russia. Please be advised that foreigners can receive Russian visas only in their own country.
Citizens of the Schengen Area can receive visas in any country of the Schengen Area. To receive the visa in the third country one will have to present residence or work permit in this country.

The Organizing Committee appreciates your cooperation.